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3 Free Guitar VST Plugins

3 Free Guitar VST Plugins

You can download 3 cool free guitar vst plugins. I use the plugins most in Hip Hop beats. read the instructions on how to install the plugin.

DSK AkoustiK GuitarZ

    4 acoustic guitar type
    Amp. envelope and fine tunning
    Stereo spread and portamento
    3 Fx (flanger, delay & chorus)
    Velocity response

Download Akoustik Version 1.0

17855 times downloaded

Milk Guitar

It contains a few well-sampled chords that are easy to play and and strum using your midi keyboard. It has several built-in effects including room and reverb controls, harmonics, bass cut filter, and the super-sweet stereo widening effect. Pre-defined combinations and strumming keys allow you to strum and tap with ease. And because it’s midi, it’s very easy to quantize your guitar part.

Download Milk Guitar Version 1.0

15623 times downloaded

EVM Bassline

EVM Bassline is a “WaveSample Bass Player”

Download Bassline Version 1.0

10771 times downloaded

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